DGTT Grant Application

All applications to be submitted online with uploaded documents. Applicant will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.

All applications are due by 5pm, CST. Thursday June 1, 2023 – No exceptions!

A follow up grant report will be due Friday May 31, 2024 to organizations who have received this grant. Failure to comply will disqualify you for future grants.

    Your Information

    Organization Legal Name

    Applicant Name

    Applicant Email

    Applicant Phone

    Organization History, and Mission of the Organization:

    1. What is the overall purpose of your organization? Please be specific and include how you are serving your participants. Please let us know how your organization addresses Emergency Food Assistance, and if applicable, Homelessness.

    2. Please tell us about your mission and how it is carried out into the community. Please include your full mission statement.

    Program Specifics including Participants:

    1. Describe the program/project to be funded as it relates to Emergency Food Assistance and or Homelessness.

    2. How will you specifically use the grant funds that are being requested?

    Population Served:

    1. What percent of the population served by your organization are DuPage residents?

    2. What percent of the population served by this specific program/project are DuPage residents?

    3. What specific community or communities will benefit from this program/project?

    4. How many individuals will be served by this program/project?

    New Program or Established Program:

    1. Is this a new, continuing or one-time program/project?

    2. What are your plans for fully funding and sustaining this program/project, and meeting the needs of Emergency Food Assistance, and or Homelessness?

    3. Specify other funding sources or steps you have already taken to get additional funding to support it.


    1. What other agencies, if any, are you working with on this program/project? Describe collaborations and activities. If none, explain.

    Board Giving and Participation:

    1.What percentage of your board of directors supported the organization with a personal financial gift this past fiscal year? If not 100%, please explain.

    2.Do any of your board members have personal experiences related to the services you provide or are past clients of your organization? If so, please describe.


    1. Please describe how volunteers (including board and committee members) actively contribute to the overall work of your organization.


    Please share two stories of individuals who have benefited from the program you are seeking funding for.

    Relevant Information:

    Please include any relevant information as it relates to your application you feel we should know (750 characters max).

    Along with the application, the following items must be included and submitted by the due date:

    Organization budget

    Program budget (showing how grant funds will be used)

    Organization W9

    IRS 501c3 determination letter

    Board members – employer/position, if retired, former profession

    Demographics – Impact (Families served, Individuals served, Intake criteria, Length of time client served, Geographic area served (Do you refer clients out of your basic serving area to a pantry closer to their home?)

    Required: Each organization applying for this grant must provide volunteers for our Annual Thanksgiving Day 5k Fun Run:

    • Volunteers are needed the Saturday and Sunday prior to Thanksgiving for our registration and packet pick-up site – the Knights of Columbus, Elmhurst, as well as Thanksgiving morning at Elmhurst University.
    • Volunteer criteria – 18 years or above. Minors are welcome if with parent/adult.
    • If your organization is selected as a beneficiary, your Volunteer Coordinator will work with our staff to fill time slots, generally these time slots are 3 hours in length.
      If your organization is unable to provide volunteers, you will not be eligible to apply for these grant funds.
    • If your organizations volunteers do not show up for their scheduled volunteer shift, this may disqualify you from receiving these funds.

    How many volunteers will your organization provide?